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Robert DeLeoFull name: Robert Emile DeLeo
Birthdate: February 2, 1966
Place of birth: Point Pleasant, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Marital status: Married to Kristen Janikas
Children: Duke Vincent (born August 7, 2005).
Instruments: Bass, Guitars, Fuzz Bass, Six String Bass, Zither, Vibes, Electric Harpsichord, Backing Vocals, Percussion.
Previous bands: Tyrus, Sages Pages, Swing, Mighty Joe Young, Talk Show, Farm Fur, Army Of Anyone.

Robert has not released any solo material. He has recorded material for a solo album, but the project was never finished. Some of the songs that he wrote 'solo' ended up as Army Of Anyone songs or Stone Temple Pilots outtakes.


Robert and Dean DeLeo wrote songs with Peter Frampton before they went on tour with STP. They plan to record with Frampton after they get off the road in November.


Robert wrote on the Army Of Anyone official site forum: "There are three songs we recorded from what was going to be considered [my] solo [album]. Two of them are actually on the [Army Of Anyone] record... 'A Better Place' and 'Stop, Look, And Listen'. The other song is called 'Extraordinary People'. We decided to leave that one off for now."

He added: "I also recorded two others with a very talented female singer named Hathaway. I'll try to dig these two out and put them up. All songs that were being considered 'solo' were written at a very introspective juncture in my life, so they are all very dear to me."


On November 14, 2006, Army Of Anyone released their self-titled album.


In September of 2005, Robert and Dean DeLeo got together with Filter singer Richard Patrick for a songwriting session. The session went so well that they soon decided to form a band. Eventually they teamed up with David Lee Roth drummer Ray Luzier to form 'Army Of Anyone'.

Robert wrote on the Army Of Anyone official site forum in 2007: "'Samba Nova' was another song I was saving for solo stuff. Talk about making you cry, you should hear that done in a more traditional Brazilin feel with a female singing it. That made me cry. That song and 'About A Fool' were both things I had in mind for solo stuff. Very rarely as a writer do I really move myself into the listener's point of view. Those two really did that."

He continued: "I have to say Dean and I got together to write with Seal [in 2005] and we did a loose, rough recording of 'About A Fool' and it floors me every time I listen to it. He is an amazing talent. Seal right in front of me singing while we were playing made me cry. I could only compare it to what it would have been like in front of someone like Marvin Gaye. I mean that.".

In January of 2005, Robert and Dean DeLeo played in a short-term project called 'Farm Fur'. Robert posts about this on the official STP site's forum: "Hi Everyone, It's Robert. I can confirm that Dean and I will be playing with Farm Fur, but for only 3 shows. Our friend Steve Ferrone asked us to sit in, and we were honored to be asked to play with such great musicians. It's a lot of fun. It's a 10 to 12 piece band, a bit different from what Dean and I have ever done. The songs being performed are musical contributions from each artist or band the artist is from."

He continues: " The set will include songs by The Average White Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Rufus, Steve's solo stuff, as well as a couple STP songs. The STP material isn't intended to be played like STP. It's a one-time chance for Dean and I to take a couple of our songs and perform them with some of the best musicians on this planet. Would you pass that up? Farm Fur is certainly not a long-term band. It's a chance to have a hell of a lot of fun, and be be musically challenged by some pretty intimidating players."

He also explains the band's name: "Dean keeps his horses at a ranch that has a lot of unique animals. One day a zebra jumped the fence and made it with a donkey. (No shit) The result was a donkey-like animal with a black and white mane, and black and white legs only- but the rest donkey. We took a picture of this animal, which we affectionately refer to as a Dizonkey, to rehearsal one day and everyone cracked up. Dean actually came up with the name Farm Fur. We put the two together, and thought it was funny as hell. We're playing the 14th at BB King's, the 15th at the Malibu inn, and the 21st at the NAMM show. (I repeat, this is not intended to be a serious long-term band.)"


In 2003, Robert and Dean DeLeo worked together as producers on the Alient Ant Farm album 'TruAnt', which was released on August 19 of that year. On the record, Robert played organ on 'Never Meant' and provided backing vocals for 'Tia Lupé' and 'Glow'.

In December, rumours started floating around on the internet that Robert and Dean DeLeo were starting a band with Black Crowes members Chris Robinson and Steve Gorman.


In April and May 2002, Robert worked on songs for his solo record with his brother Dean and drummer Matt O'Connor. Producer Douglas Grean posted pictures from the sessions on his website. (Source:

Robert DeLeo has spoken in interviews about his love for the country-pop performed by Johnny Cash, Jimmy Webb and especially [Glen] Campbell. And last year, Campbell's budding musician son Cal introduced his dad to the music of the Pilots. Soon after one of Campbell's Los Angeles shows, the band went backstage and met the legendary singer/songwriter. They all got along so well, Campbell invited DeLeo, his guitarist brother Dean and drummer Eric Kretz to record versions of classic cuts such as "Wichita Lineman" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" with him. [...] About three months ago, Robert and Dean entered the studio with Campbell to work on the new material. So far, they've written a handful of tracks, but Campbell's manager emphasized that they're all works in progress at this point and was unwilling to describe them. (Source: MTV News, May 22, 2002)


While on the Family Values Tour, Robert reflected on expanding his career in the future: “There’s going to be a time when playing songs like ‘Down’ might seem quite silly. I don’t know about the near future, but I see myself getting more into producing and songwriting. Of course, I really enjoy playing bass, and it’ll always be a fun challenge to incorporate my bass playing into the songs I’ve written.” (source: Bass Player Magazine, November 2001)


When asked about his writing sessions with Ozzy Osbourne earlier in 2000, Robert said: "That went well. I don't know. We've got to get back together and kind of finish them up. It was a really big trip for me to be in the studio with somebody who's partially responsible for what I'm doing. It started out with his A&R guy telling me he needed ballads. So, I went there with a few ballads and had my best stuff written. I got in the room and Ozzy said, [Copping his best imitation of the aging rocker] "Hey man, I got enough ballads, man. I don't need anymore ballads, man. I need some rockers, man. What do you got man?" I said, "Shit, I don't have anything man. I was told you needed ballads." [Osbourne replied] "No man, I got enough ballads, man. I need rockers." I was sitting there sweating, with nothing to show him and I had him looking over my shoulder going, "What do you got?" I was put in a position where I wasn't really ready to show him any rock songs. I had stuff in my head. But he left me alone for about two days and I literally played drums and played bass and guitar and keyboards and put together three songs in two days by myself in this studio. So we still have to finish them." (source:, August 7, 2000)

He told Yahoo! Music News on June 23, 2000: "Personally I just got out of the studio a while back just writing some songs with Ozzy Osbourne. So I was just doing that. I've written some songs with Aerosmith and possibly with [Hole's] Courtney Love. . . It's a challenge to be able to write for someone else. It's easy to write for yourself. It's always a challenge to write for somebody else."


Robert worked with the band Earth To Andy and played guitar on the intro of the track 'Still After You', from the album 'Chronicle Kings. The album was released on September 14, 1999.

On September 21, 1999, Robert played with Dean DeLeo and Eric Kretz as the backing band for Michael Cerveris, who plays Hedwig in 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch'. They performed nine songs at Club Vynyl in Hollywood, including a version of STP's 'Big Bang Baby', which Cerveris dedicated to Scott Weiland, who is serving jail time at that moment. The show, which also featured 'Hedwig' co-creators John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask, celebrated the start of the West Coast production of 'Hedwig,' which was produced by David Bowie.


On August 25, 1997, MTV News reported that "Robert DeLeo co-wrote three songs with [Aerosmith] for consideration on their latest album, 'Nine Lives.' STP first met Aerosmith in 1994 when STP requested tickets and passes to Aerosmith's L.A. show -- they had grown up on Aerosmith music, they told reporters. DeLeo clicked particularly well with guitarist Joe Perry and the two kept in touch. DeLeo visited Perry at his home the following year, and then last year, DeLeo joined Aerosmith in Miami for an extended writing stint. Those sessions produced three songs that were considered for the album, but they missed the cut along with a dozen others--Aerosmith had gone into the studio with 23 some-odd tunes.

Talk Show, featuring Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo, Eric Kretz and singer Dave Coutts, released their self-titled album on the Atlantic Records label on September 3, 1997. The first and only single from the album was the track 'Hello Hello. They toured in support of the Foo Fighters and Aerosmith.


Robert said about writing songs with Aerosmith: "Yeah. That was pretty amazing. I got asked back in like '95 to go out and write with Aerosmith. And I've gone out several times. I remember pulling up to Joe Perry's house and he was outside and had just got this stereo for his car and he's like, 'hey, check this out.' And then Steven [Tyler] had just drove-up. We all got in Joe's car to check out his new stereo. And I thought I was dreaming! We wrote songs in Joe's basement. I hung with his family. I have to say Aerosmith is just some very nice people. Those guys are very amazing people. [...] ultimately they didn't use any of the material I wrote, because I think I was just so nervous. I think I wrote some really great songs with them and they said they will use them. So we'll see."(Source:, April 11, 2002)


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