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Stone Temple Pilots

March 26, 2010 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom

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General Information

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Date: March 26, 2010
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Venue: Eagles Ballroom
Address: 2401 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233-1827, U.S.A. [ Venue website ]
Box Office Number: (414) 342-7283

Set List

  • Vasoline
  • Crackerman
  • Wicked Garden
  • Hollywood Bitch
  • Between the Lines
  • Hickory Dichotomy
  • Big Empty
  • Sour Girl
  • Creep
  • Plush
  • Interstate Love Song
  • Bagman
  • Huckleberry Crumble
  • Sex Type Thing
  • Dead and Bloated
  • Lounge Fly (Partial)
  • Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

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Reviews (12) [ send in your own review/pictures of the Milwaukee show ]

Thanks to flaminpubes: I have seen STP at least seven times. Yeah, Scott was not in perfect form for some of the songs, and yeah some fans are pissed and feel like they wasted their money. Lets face it, Scotts problems are not a news flash, the rest of the band probably needed money and did a "reunion show." If you are a "true" STP fan, you shouldn't be surprised by the "odd" singing, talking, and movements of Scott at the Milwaukee show. If you are a "true" fan, you don't mind spending the money on this band. If you are upset by this, don't go to the shows. It is no mystery that Scott is going to "mess up" or "not be there altogether." Its not going to get better, so stop going to their shows if you can't handle his odd behavior. I think his odd behavior adds to the show. The band is aware of his problems, and they should expect that, and so should the fans by now. I liked the show, and every show they have done. If you don't, don't go.

Thanks to Cal: I felt ripped off, but I confess that I assumed the trainwrecks of "D&B" and "Lounge Fly" only ended the set because of the fuck-ups. Wasn't until today that I discovered this show wasn't much shorter than the other shows of the tour. I suspected the "build a setlist" feature on the band's official website was a hoax, but I still hoped for a little variety. Like everyone else, we got a greatest-hits phone-in plus four new songs. I guess most true fans gave up long ago on hearing a couple of choice album cuts, so it's no wonder that STP is relegated to playing little shithole venues full of drunken alt-rock radio groupies bent on nostalgia. I feel like an idiot for hoping that the DeLeos were actually in this for the fans, or that Weiland could keep it together for more than a handful of dates. This isn't a band; it's a tenuous money-grab from four has beens that couldn't deviate from the prescribed top-40 setlist no matter how much you paid them. They'll never get another dollar from me.

Thanks to LoungeFly77: The other reviews are accurate regarding STP's concert at the Rave. The band came out pretty early, which is atypical. I was only a few feet from Weiland's mic for most of the show, so his slip-ups with Sex Type Thing, Dead & Bloated, and Lounge Fly were noticeable. Ironically, other than a few guilty smiles, he didn't seem to notice at all.

Kretz and the Deleos did a great job of covering where any lesser band would have melted down. Several of my friends (who are not as familiar with STP songs as I am) barely even noticed. Dean and Rob's disgusted looks drew my attention more than anything Scott did. Rob just looked downright pissed during Lounge Fly. I don't know what Dean said to Scott when he pulled out his earpiece, but Scott visibly said "kiss my ass" to him. I must admit, the on-stage snipes were pretty entertaining and should be considered part of the show.

Still, the drama was all pretty tame when you compare it to STP concerts in the 1990's/early 2000's. You never knew what mayhem was going to ensue back in those days.

Thanks to Spoonman67: Scott was wasted. The show started off OK and steadily declined as it went on. This had everything to do with Scott (not the band). It was quit pathetic and me and my friends left completely discusted. It was evident the band was upset with Scott's behavior. I will never pay my hard earned cash to see them again. Scott will wind up another dead rock star who couldn't get his act together. Pretty sad for such a great talent.

Thanks to VivaLaVideo: The show seemed like vocals were not in tune with the rest of the band. There seemed to be some crazy endings to the songs... almost like they didnt know when to end it. They seemed really rusty, and it was disapointing. It seemed like the DeLeo's walked off the stage pissed off, and I read online that Dean ripped Scott's earpiece out.
I dont know what to say, I've NEVER been disapointed at an STP, VR, or Scott's solo tour show. But this show just didnt have "it"
Still love you guys!! Good luck the rest of the tour.

Thanks to MG: First of all the sound in this venue is so bad that you can't really even hear the vocals clear enough to discern quality from slurred speech. That being said, it was a good show overall. It never had that top ten best concert vibe, but it wasn't anything to complain about. 90% of the show was good but 10% was embarrassing. They played all the jams, as well as a few new ones, and had the audience singing along a lot. Scott was dancing and pretty energetic. He sounded decent for most of the set, maybe was a little off key and a little off on the timing.

But to really put a stain on the whole show, which was good up to that point, Scott Weiland completely forgot where he was on Dead and Bloated, and then again on Lounge Fly. But the audience never booed, they just wanted more! It's a testament to the quality of the music that even if you totally fuck up two songs in a row to the point where the band walks off stage, your audience still wants more. We wanted an encore to finish off the night, and they sort of left us with a bad taste in our mouth. But with today's total lack of quality music, I'll take STP on even an off night rather than not see a concert at all.

Thanks to CMCracker: We just got home. Outside of the end of show this may be the BEST STP concert I have ever seen. They were all in great spirits especially scott. he was making eye contact almost all through the show. he came down off the stage and into the photo pit and was handing the mic to people to sing. he messed up sour girl lyrics pretty earl, he did fall down during the show and he prefaced that by saying he broke his heel last night. He also said that he wsa taking pills and mentioned they were not working anymore. they sounded fab and were playing and smiling at each other all show. putting the mic between deans legs and then dean put his guitar through scotts later in the show.. It was seriously the best!......

Dead and bloated pretty much was all fucked up but even then robert kinda had a smile on his face and dean pulled his monitors out.. scott was still happy. Then lounge fly was a complete trainwreck. from the very start he missed the cue and was like a verse off. towards the end robert just gave up trying to get back in sync with him and the look on his face said it all. he was PISSED and stormed off stage followed by dean and scotty kept on singing all happy and full out. eric left and scott left on the OTHER side if the stage. They came back out and scott said they were gonna play piece of pie and dean wispered in his ear and scott said in a joking tone "no piece of pie for you, I must be trippin" and went into trippin. SHOW OVER. No ENCORE

Thanks to ejsme: To me, Scott seemed intoxicated throughout the show. Seemed drunk or I thought maybe the pain pills because of the heel. He did keep sipping on some beverage throughout the show, but I don't know what it was. Although he sounded really slurry and rambling when talking between songs, he actually did a great job for most of the show. It was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. And the DeLeos didn't seem mad at him or anything. Dean actually came up and played his guitar with the neck stuck between Weiland's legs at one point.

But... once they got to Dead & Bloated, partway in, Scott got completely lost and just seemed to forget the whole song, lyrics and melody. They tried to kind of go into a little jammy part to cover until they could get their bearings, but it just kind got more and more off track and Scott never seemed to be able to pick back up. So, Dean walks off to the side and switches guitars and they go into LoungeFly. Dean walked up to Scott and took out his ear monitor and said something into his ear.

I thought, "Oh maybe it's all just a technical issue with Scott's monitor and he's not wasted." Scott seemed to start off okay, a little bit off, but then by the time they got to the acoustic section, he was behind the beat and sounded like a sloppy drunk guy singing at a wedding. The band kept trying to kind of pause and try to follow Scott or give him a chance to find the right part, but he just seemed to keep changing to different parts of the song. I saw Robert look at Dean and shake his head, as if to say, "this isn't going to be salvagable" and then, finally, the Deleos took off their instruments and walked to the side of the stage.

Kretz kept drumming and Weiland seemed oblivious to the fact that there was no more guitar and bass. He keep kind of improvising on the melody and singing until Kretz played an ending-of-the-song kind of drum thing to try to signal to Scott to wrap it up, but he kept singing a bit after that. Then Kretz got up and walked right past Scott without looking at him or touching him, and off the stage on the same side that the Deleos went. Scott finally then walked off stage on the other side.

The lights went down and I really didn't think that they'd even try to do an encore. A little while later, Weiland walks back onstage and starts to introduce Piece of Pie. The rest of the band comes on and Dean stops and says something in Scott's ear and then Scott drunkingly mumbles something like, "No piece of pie for yooooou. This is Trippin." Then they go into Trippin' and Scott seems to just barely be able to keep up with the song and seems to fall behind a bit.

I thought it was odd though, that during these songs where everything was going wrong, Scott almost seemed oblivious to the fact that he was messing up. It's like he kept right on dancing and posing and singing like he thought he was doing great. He never looked embarrassed or frustrated. You'd think he would've tried to play it off by saying "Oops, I messed that up." or somehow acknowledge that the song got screwed up. He even said something, I think it was right before DAB, about "You might just be the best audience ever." And Dean said something about "Do you wanna play the Rave with us?"

Anyway, after Trippin' the band starts to walk to the front of the stage to say their goodbyes and bow and everything. Dean is the first to get up front and I distinctly saw him mouth "Sorry" to the audience and kind of wave. Then Weiland gets up front followed by Kretz and Robert and I was actually suprised that they all stood so close to Scott after all of this. But again, Weiland, seemed oblivious to the disaster. He's up there, head high like he just rocked the place, patting his hand over his heart, kind of like "You guys are so great, I'm touched." and then does this dramatic salute.

Then the Deleos and Kretz walk off to one side of the stage again and Weiland says something into the mic that I couldn't understand (from the other posts, it seems to be something about cocksucker blues) and then exits on the opposite side. And now we all wait to hear what the aftermath of this is going to be.

My guess is that the Deleos & Kretz just let it fly because they just accept that Scott's gonna have his good days and his bad days and that's just something they're gonna have to deal with to have STP. Weiland will probably just say something about how it's an unpredictable rock n roll show or blame it on equipment issues. But, who knows...

Thanks to fredisidle: The Deleo's deserve a lot of credit here... They gave Scott every chance tonight, you could tell they had some code to tell him when he was out of sync. They kept going over by Kretz and trying to get the song back on track. Also, the audio guys just lowered Scott's mic volume until it sounded better, which seemed to cover up most of the problem until the meltdown on Dead and Bloated. To the normal person, it probably just looked like Scott was having a great time.

After Sex Type Thing, Dead and Bloated, and Lounge Fly all went south and the Deleo's walked off clearly not happy... but they came back to do Trippin' even though they seemed embarrased by Scott and wanted to just leave. They are classy people and deserve a lot of credit for trying to do whats right for the fans.

I think a lot of the crowed was plastered, and marginal STP fans, so the tweets might just be reflective of what your moderate STP fan would think.

Thanks to nicks: Scott said in the beginning that he broke his heel last night. He was moving around well....but he was probably jacked on painkillers. It's a pretty terrible bone to break. The whole show was very tight until D&B. New songs were damn good.

Thanks to nicks: OK. Sorry. Scott was fucking up words for a good part of the show. When it got to D&B he totally forgot them and the melody. DeLeos were just looking at each other and stopped playing. Robert walked almost off stage. Kretz finally stopped but Scott was just signing mumble jumbles. Dean pulled Scott's monitors and he actually sounded better after that, but they ended up quitting the song.

They went to Lounge Fly, but Robert and Dean looked really reluctant. Scott was still messing it up and just into the acoustic part, both DeLeos walked off. Kretz soon followed.

A couple minutes later they all came back on. Scott tried to introduce Po'P, but then said Trippin. They played that OK, but you could see the disgust in the D's faces.

After that they did the group waving goodbye/thank you thing. The 3 walked off to the left. Scott grabbed a mic, said something like "boys & girls, ladies & Gentlemen, cocksuckers..." then walked off to the right.

Thanks to Pruno315: Weiland screwed up Dead and Bloated and the band jammed a little and covered for him. He then screwed up on Lounge Fly, the band covered for him again, but then left him on stage to finish the song by himself. The band walked off to the left, Weiland walked off to the right. They came out for one more song. Weiland said they were going to play Piece of Pie, Dean spoke into Scott's ear and Scott corrected himself and said he must be "Trippin'." They played Trippin', walked to the front of the stage, and waved. The band exited left, Weiland went to a mic and said something about playing "cocksucker blues" before exiting right.

On the plus side, the first 15 songs were amazing and the band looked like they were having fun. Weiland seemed in good health and sober. We've seen him drunk before and he typically slurs his speech. He wasn't doing that tonight. The ending just didn't feel right and I checked this message board and others felt the same.

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